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    Giving partner - Farm Africa

    Knowledge is power. In a country like Africa where many districts are prone to drought, the training, seeds, and tools provided by Farm Africa enables farmers to produce drought-tolerant crops. Furthermore, water conservation training helps support farming efforts in producing a higher percentage of yields.

    End hunger. Grow farming. - Farm Africa

    Giving partner - Lifesaver Systems

    We knew this was an idea worth spreading when we first saw this TED talk back in ‘09. Frustrated that clean water isn’t more immediately accessible when disaster strikes, Michael Pritchard invented the Lifesaver Bottle - a 15 nm water filtration device no other product on the market can match. 

    Our partnership with Lifesaver Systems will allow us to provide jerrycans with a built in Lifesaver water filter, which can support a family of 4 for 3 years. 

    Giving partner - Operation Warm

    Operation Warm gives brand new, warm jackets to aid kids living in poverty across the USA. A warm coat protects the children from the element and gives them a reason to smile. What a difference warmth makes. 

    We are so proud to team up with Operation Warm this season to help improve children’s lives right here in the US. 

    Thank you for all you do. 

    Precious moment

    Our fulfillment team sent over this image just before processing our very first order. It was such a thoughtful gesture and a precious moment we’ll cherish forever.

     Thanks Billy, Mike, and Tim.