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    Hi, we're Swellas!

    Swellas is founded by Ann Duskus, a designer by trade and a social changemaker by heart. Born in Taipei and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she developed an international aesthetic and a strong sense of design. From an early age, she pursued creative forms of expression from music to fine arts.

    Ann’s volunteering days sparked her commitment to philanthropy. Committed to making an impactful difference, she knew she wanted to create a business that would sustain itself in its philanthropic giving. By matching her design skills and entrepreneurial know-how, Ann founded Swellas with the aim to empower and enrich vulnerable communities to lead full, vibrant, healthy lives and hopes to engage consumers to join in this effort towards a more connected, socially responsible world.

    How We Do It

    Swellas outerwear is constructed from top quality fabrics made on the same production line as the $300 jackets you see in department stores. So how does Swellas charge half the price and still manage to support great causes?

    First, Swellas upcycles new surplus materials from brand name companies whenever possible, bypassing the minimum order requirements set by most textile mills. This allows us to create limited edition products without compromising quality, keeping unused materials out of landfills and passing the savings directly onto you.

    Second, vertical manufacturing allows us to save money by saving time. By sourcing remnant materials and sampling at the same location where we manufacture our jackets, we eliminate a significant amount of freight charges and shorten our product lifecycle by half.

    Finally, Swellas is mission driven. We forgo an unreasonable markup. While traditional retailers double or triple the cost of merchandise, we focus less on profit and more on impact. Our price point covers the bills, pays our workers a fair wage, while still making our jackets accessible and affordable, so we can reach more people and together move the needle towards social good.

    Our Partner: Operation Warm

    Operation Warm has a laser-focused mission to provide brand new winter coats to impoverished children throughout the United States. Since we began in 1998, we have provided brand new winter coats to over 1.2 million children living in poverty in 41 states with no sign of slowing down. At the core of our mission is our belief that every child regardless of their socio–economic status deserves to feel the pride and dignity that comes with being wrapped in the warmth of their very own brand new winter coat. Learn more at operationwarm.org

    Corporate Responsibility

    Swellas debut line of jackets is crafted from quality technical materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. As availability to remnant fabrics will not always be guaranteed, Swellas will upcycle whenever possible. Know that Swellas values sustainability and will source materials with integrity.

    Swellas prioritizes social equity, pays fair wages, and meets the highest standards of work place safety.